Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Review of Uncharted 2

Ive taken a break from game reviews, but I think its time I started up again. My inspiration is roused, the newest games for my PS3 are so spectacular that I cant hesitate.

I wish to add a statement about Uncharted to my Uncharted 2 review.


The first game I wish to discuss is Uncharted, which was released around the time of the birth of the PS3. It is still an amazing game, possibly one of the best that was made for PS3 at the time. I can no longer say that, because now the best game on PS3 (besides Killzone 2, visually, and Gran Turismo Prologue, gameplay wise) is Uncharted 2. Uncharted still boasted some great graphics. Its clear that the folks at Naughty Dog really bled their souls into their series. Uncharted is a decent length of gameplay, with a story that at first wouldnt seem to be all that riveting. With the usage of witty, charming characters, making a story based on factual and mythical history can become enthralling. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is based on Sir Francis Drake and the Golden Man, a supposedly mythical idol of gold which turns out to exist (according to the game storyline). Our main character Drake, treasure hunter extraordinaire, goes off to seek this priceless artifact. Along the way, he suffers all kinds of complex puzzles, booby-traps, and has to shoot his way through the competition. Drake is a very likeable, highly entertaining character, and the side characters are all equally charming. Escort missions are no burden whatsoever, infact you find yourself happy to have them along, as the extra characters generally help you out. Infact, you hardly take notice to them being there, and they dont get in your way. Visually, the game was rather a surprise, and greatly underestimated. The backgrounds are beautiful, although not heavily populated with wildlife as youd expect in a jungle (the second game is much better in this arena). The landscapes and lighting is top-notch. I cant really vouch for it as much anymore, because Uncharted 2 has graphics that are just so much better... its hard for me to look at the first game the same way. But its still much better than most existing titles. Coupled with the kind of attention to detail used on the graphics in the game, and the smooth game controls, and fun puzzles and climbing (what to call it? side missions?) and treasure hunting on top of all of it... NOT to forget the kind of bonuses that were available to unlock, which reappear in the second installment of the game... (Im rambling now). Bonuses included different costumes for Drake (the main character) to wear, different color filters, the option to flip the game world in a mirror image for a fresh path to play in-game, etc.

Uncharted 2:

In comparison to Uncharted... well, theres hardly room for comparison. Uncharted as a series has advanced so greatly since the first title... the second installment is perhaps... trying not to exaggerate... ten times better. Before I move into the grand points, I wish to state a minor flaw... the game was so intense and gripping I found myself playing without being able to stop... and the game ended before I knew it. Too short! Dare I say, the game was too short!!! Alright, I said it. Its my only complaint. Now on to the good stuff. Climbing controls! So much better, the intelligence of the point selection is remarkable... although at times its difficult to know what objects are climbable (is that a word?) scaleable because they are designed to mesh with the background animations so flawlessly. They are made as obvious as they could, but you really have to look at times. I had ONE moment in the game when I became irrevocably lost. After my brother came in the room to give a look for me, (after dying uncountable times), we discovered that I missed seeing a door behind a wall. Ah dear, the time I wasted. This however was of my own fault, thinking I had to take the aggressive route rather than escaping, as the game implied. Ive just thought of another small complaint... game hints are much fewer and farther inbetween. Truly, sometimes I craved a little hint of what to do, but I never spent long trying to figure out where to go. This isnt really a valid complaint, because there are both game hints and a tutorial for the game. I confess myself incompetent. The vast, vast, vast amount of graphic detail in the landscapes and structures in the game is for lack of a better word astounding. They spare no expense, without a doubt, and if youre looking for awesome visuals, this is the game to get. I still dont like Chloe's eyes, though. (Hahaha). Shooting mode is relatively the same, the kinds of weapons available are somewhat better, and enemies are tougher. The game is quite tough right from the start, the difference is obvious from the first game. But everything, graphics, controls, climbing and puzzles, has been smoothed really well. The storyline of Uncharted 2 is the path of Marco Polo to Shangri-La, and its a very well done story. Although, compared to the first game, I found some of the artifacts they find a bit unbelievable... like the capacity to build giant complex structures in the times suggested they were built... it all seemed quite make-believe but the mythical history seems solid, and its a fun story besides. So I can overlook it. It really is a fantastic story. The ruins are just majestic, and half the time I wished I could go there myself. There are a couple more characters along for the ride, and they are amusing too. Bonuses are a big feature in this game... although the system is rather new, using a monetary system rather than a point system this time. But there are so many features this time around! Drake has many costumes, and you can also collect costumes of all your other characters. Of course, like the first game, there are trophies for PSN, something I forgot to mention in my review of Uncharted (whoops). And on top of that all... Uncharted 2 has multiplayer! And its probably the most fun multiplayer Ive ever played. :) There are like five modes incorporated, either cooperative or competititive, and since Im not really the first person shooter type, I enjoy a good Team Deathmatch in third-person perspective :). But more on that later! (Once I plug in for some hours playing multiplayer, Ill have a seperate review for that). Uncharted 2 is a winner in my book. And Uncharted wouldnt be a waste of your time either!

I really love Uncharted 2. :) The most important feature of a game for me... it has to be fun to play. And I want to play both Uncharted games over and over. :)

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