Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock Band 3

Alright, my boyfriend and I have had this game for two days. Pretty much since release day... night... anyway, the servers still aren't up? This is more of a rant than a review, since we haven't been able to play online yet. We got connected but apparently you can't invite anyone else to your band yet if you started a career.

As far as the game itself goes, it is pretty great. I like the look of the graphics and the little cutscenes as your band advances to fame, much more fun. Also really enjoying the songs on the actual game disc better than Rock Band 2, they are familiar and fond songs for the most part. Of course, I grew up in the '80s. The character customization is good, except the hair and other features tend to look like plastic... they look good but I can't stand the eyebrows... not that that is important really. But it does bother me a little. They basically ported all the same items and makeup schemes and... everything, jewelry, shoes and all... from Rock Band 2. But they have some new items. There are lots of new hairstyles and the ability to shape the face of your character rather than choosing schemes... which I really like.

One gripe that pertains to PS3 owners... unfortunately for those of us looking to get a keyboard, Sony (under new management since recently) didn't sign their contract with MadCatz, and a very limited supply of the keyboards were made. If you are as lucky to find one as my boyfriend and I (if you haven't stormed your local GameStop, try Best Buy or Wal-Mart, don't go to your local NEX because they are charging full price, you should be able to get them at the cut bundle price outside ($79.99). But very few stores have any units, if any. The stores nearby ordered hundreds of units and Sony sent either 5 or 3 or... 0. Its really messed up right now.

Good news is the website is finally up, it was down on release day... so you can get your information to export your Rock Band 2 disc music into the game. At least, what was licensed. Be prepared to chalk up $9.99 though. You can download all your DLC right into your account though at no charge. So make sure you go to for all your information. Or you could ask me random questions and I might search for you.

Other complaint... we haven't decided yet but we are having trouble with the guitar peripherals. We are using Rock Band 2 guitars (one classic, one Beatles guitar) and some of the songs are missing notes. There are many possibilities... Either its a problem with the guitars syncing with the new game, which shouldn't be a problem, or the guitars are faulty... I offered the possibility that it's the game itself, either game lag or bad charting. We attempted to re-calibrate and the game calibrated differently each time, and the difference was pretty enormous... so we aren't sure what it could be really.

The keyboard is really fun to play, difficult to get used to at first. Can't decide whether to use my left or my right hand to play... decided on left because it was like using the guitar. Have to play on Hard for now... and work my way up to Pro Keys.

We haven't even tried the vocals yet, will tell more on that later!

Would like feedback from 360 players if they are having any problems too.