Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My New life

So much has changed in my life since last year. I got married in April, to the boyfriend I mentioned before. It has been really happy. Well, we got legally married. We are not going to be married in the church until November. My husband is now out to sea, and Im waiting patiently at home. As patiently as possible. We have four fish tanks, 2 cats, and a cockatiel. We have pufferfish, they are so cute. I love my cats. What can I say, life is good, but certainly with my significant other out to sea something is missing. I find myself back to my blog, which was always my companion in my loneliness. Of course, I miss journalspace, but what can you do. Jerks in the world screw things up.

Lately I havent been playing games all that much, although my enthusiasm is still there. Im just lethargic because Ive been alone, and missing my husband. When hes home, I play games everyday. I played some Red Dead Redemption online recently, and I have to say its not bad anymore, depending on when you are online. Unless of course you want to join a posse or are stuck in a room of jerks. Then its terrible. I have yet to play the Undead Nightmare section. I havent beaten L.A.Noire yet, I let my younger brother borrow it. But he finished it so Ill take it back and finish it myself now. The last game I got is one Ive been waiting to get for a while, Katamari Forever. Its just fun. Not really flashy as far as graphics go, and technically its a replay of all the former levels I love from We <3 Katamari, with some neat new twists. I do like the new storyline angle, and it does still have the short confusing story cutscenes which are good for a laugh. I just like to play something that doesnt take brains once in a while. That game is one. I played some PSP, my favorite game P3.. or P3P. Persona 3 for PSP. I like the new theme song and the female mission. Sadly I still havent beaten that game. I got damn close once. But its a lot of fun to play. Its just surprisingly long. And half the time it puts me to sleep with Tartarus repetitiveness. Other than that Im just awaiting the Shadow of the Colossus/Ico pack, the Silent Hill 2 & 3 collection, the MGS2 & 3 HD collection, and the Resident Evil collection (RE4 and Code: Veronica) Woooo I love Code: Veronica!!! And finally my husband will be able to play it (or at least watch me play it).

Mostly Im just holding myself together in the interim. But I do want to go play some Red Dead Redemption and Infamous now.